Louis Spagnuolo serves as the C.E.O. of VRA Insurance, which is the leader in providing signature personal insurance solutions to affluent individuals and families in high net worth communities within the United States. As the foremost resource for clients that have significant assets that require special insurance programs and a level of coverage that exceeds what is typical, VRA Insurance can provide proprietary solutions that are unique within our industry.

Whether it is a multi million-dollar home with a private wine collection, precious jewelry and fine art, a private jet or yacht or other valuables you need to insure in the event of a loss or damage, VRA Insurance is here to satisfy any and all exposures you may have.

Louis Spagnuolo is dedicated to protecting our clients for everything they have worked so hard to build from unexpected lawsuits, with a High Limit Umbrella policy you can obtain limits up to $250 million dollars.

Under Louis Spagnuolo's guidance, VRA Insurance has the expert team to evaluate your risks and appraise your property to put into place programs that protect your interests. We have long-standing relationships with premier insurance companies serving this niche market, offering comprehensive programs for properties, automobiles, watercraft, and unique collections. Our trained staff will review your entire insurance exposure and assess any changes in your life that may affect your insurance program, allowing us to make sure that gaps in coverage don't exist, recommend new products, and negotiate the absolute best pricing.

"With the VRA Insurance, we guarantee that you will receive the personalized, first-class service and the discretion that you expect from a trusted advisor." - Louis Spagnuolo

The established premier portal for all things related to living the "uber lifestyle" at PrivateJet.com and the true future of private aviation as we know it at SMART JETS, now have combined forces and talents to provide both a universal web location for all the very best things in life...and a ground breaking app to transport you there.

PrivateJet.com gives you access to the Largest Private Jet Charter Marketplace in the world.

Get access to information ONLY INDUSTRY INSIDERS have.

When you fly experience NO BROKER FEES and 100% transparent Wholesale Pricing.

We connect over 1,800 Aircraft Owners and Operators to End Users of Private Jet Charter Services. The world is getting mobile and already over 70,000 individuals use our technologies!

The JetSmarter Application allows you to book your private flight on the go.

You will receive the following services:

  1. Instant pricing and availability on over 3,200 private aircraft worldwide.
  2. Over 1,000 Empty Leg offers every month with DEEP discounts.
  3. Fixed pricing on over 250 US Domestic city pairs.
  4. A custom designed message center, which will keep you in contact with an aviation specialist 24/7.
  5. Various special offers specific to private jet charter.
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CAC Holdings, LLC is a holding company created to acquire, develop and license a wide range of intellectual property patents and trademarks. Through the control or ownership of over 400 worldwide patents, CAC Holdings, LLC has been able to aggregate, analyze and restructure previously dormant patents or patents that were not previously used to their greatest potential. Through our proprietary system, CAC Holdings, LLC works through long established relationships throughout the world as a liquidity provider to assets that are either misunderstood or are in need of disposition.

Through acquiring these assets and many times breaking them up and then re-licensing them, CAC Holdings, LLC is able to extract their true and highest value upon monetization.

Clients often have specific financial targets in mind before they even meet with IPNav. Clients may also have other business objectives that either conflict with or complement these financial goals. Before we start evaluating a client's patents, we help clarify the client's goals and rank them in order of importance. Our evaluation then takes place in the context of these ranked goals.

After we've evaluated a client's patent portfolio we give our opinion about whether - and how - the patents can be used to meet the client's goals and whether the client's financial target is attainable. If we think a target is attainable, we'll commit to achieving it within a set time frame.

This commitment to meeting specific financial targets differentiates CAC Holdings, LLC from other monetization providers. Others may say "There are too many unknowns" or "Litigation is unpredictable" or "Market conditions may change." CAC Holdings, LLC is willing to make commitments that others avoid, and we fully expect to get fired if we don't achieve what we promise.

For organizations with large patent portfolios, selecting which patents to monetize isn't a trivial task. CAC Holdings, LLC has the tools and processes to handle this critical step quickly and efficiently.

We start with our proprietary Analyzer, correlating data from the client's patents with data from other sources: other patents, technical papers, scientific journals, etc. This helps us identify which technologies in a patent portfolio are likely to be commercially valuable.

The criteria used in deciding which patents to monetize include:

  • How valuable is the patent?
  • Is someone infringing the patent?
  • How strong are the patent's claims?
  • Does the patent cover the client's core or non-core technology?
Litigation is an inefficient and expensive way to value patents, and CAC Holdings, LLC litigates only as a last resort. Our extensive database of IP transactions lets us quickly and accurately estimate the value of a given patent. Infringement. After we've identified the most promising patents in a portfolio, we do a "deeper dive" with our technical and legal analysts. The first question they answer is whether anyone is infringing the patents. If we can't identify any infringers, we may advise commercialization, sale, or abandonment of the patents. When we identify products that do seem to be infringing, we do a thorough study; in some cases we hire "teardown experts" who can dismantle a product to gain a deeper understanding of the technology inside. Strength. Not every patent holds up to close scrutiny in court. We evaluate patent claims to determine how strong they are. The strength of a claim rests on two things: 1) Is the claim novel? 2) Is the claim "non-obvious"? CAC Holdings, LLC's proprietary software tools help us evaluate the strengths of a patent's claims quickly.

Core vs. Non-Core. Many technology companies focus their monetization efforts on "non-core" technology -- technology that's not central to the company's main lines of business. Clients may assume that they're already earning a return on their core patents, and want to generate revenue from patents that are either underperforming or not generating any revenue at all.

Some companies are reluctant to launch a monetization campaign involving core patents for fear that competitors will fight back with counterclaims, putting core businesses at risk. However, we've found that it's often worthwhile to monetize core patents.

Core patents are generally the most valuable patents a company owns. This isn't surprising, since companies make the biggest investments in core technologies because they expect to reap the greatest rewards. Competitors with their own valuable IP are likely to use it offensively whether or not a client's monetization campaign impels them to use it defensively.

DontLookMedia.com is a privately held Internet Monetization company that owns and operates over 4,000 intellectual property assets throughout 47 unique verticals. These assets include domain names, technology patents, trademarks, copyrights, telephonic properties and exclusive licensing rights to many high value intellectual properties.

DontLookMedia.com specializes in leveraging assets that can be developed to create future liquidity events, which often times create perpetual revenue streams.

With multiple liquidity events already realized in 2011, DontLookMedia.com is poised for a record year for both new transactions and prior deals coming to monetary fruition.

On October 1st 2012, Don't Look Media, LLC completed its 7th transaction of the year resulting in a liquidity event and/or an equity position in the corresponding acquiring company.

On November 5th 2012, Don't Look Media, LLC is proud to announce the completion of our 8th transaction of the year for an all cash sale of intellectual property assets to a major Fortune 500 Company. With the number 8 signifying "Infinity", 2012 has turned out to be a record year for myself and my entire team of outstanding professionals!

For 2013 Don't Look Media, LLC has focused on continued acquisitions of intellectual property assets and has scheduled a full release for 2014, entering new verticals and continuing to monetize existing ones.

Featured in publications and on websites worldwide including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and CNBC the JetSmarter Private Jet App has changed the way people can experience private aviation forever, giving them access to tools previously only available to aviation brokers and operators. The groundbreaking App that allowed travelers to access, book and pay for jet charters worldwide and in real time from any device has now added exclusive wholesale pricing for JetSmarter members along with empty leg push notification from the App to alert JetSmarter members when flights to their favorite destinations are available.

Membership has massive privileges, and at JetSmarter members receive the most valuable benefit possible…VALUE, with unprecedented access to TRUE transparent wholesale pricing, no broker fees & no hidden charges, concierge services, worldwide travel benefits and a state of the art message center providing customer service that is second to none.

Always pushing the envelope JetSmarter is soon to add an online "Empty Leg Auction" giving members the ability to bid on and "win" available empty leg flights…It's Ebay meets private aviation and it's exclusive to JetSmarter, and only for members.

Become a JetSmarter member today and have exclusive real time access to over 3,200 jets, wholesale prices, no broker fees, cutting edge technology and the highest standards in safety and service.

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Tax Attorney.com is your source for expert legal advice, and tax solutions. We help people resolve their personal and business tax liabilities by working with experienced Tax Attorneys, CPA's, Enrolled Agent's, and ex-IRS agents. Having a caring tax professional on your side can bring immediate relief and peace of mind from the stress of dealing with the IRS.

The IRS has many options on how to collect from you, but did you know that you have legal rights as a taxpayer? There are IRS and State relief programs that if you qualify for, may save you thousands of dollars on your tax liability.

Tax Attorney.com works with revenue departments in all 50 states. Our expert Tax Attorneys, CPA's, ex-IRS agents and Enrolled Agents can help resolve your state tax liability today.

To find Out more, contact us online, or call 888-241-0002 to speak with a tax resolution specialist today. One of our caring tax consultants will get back to you,and we are available 24/7 to take your calls.

JRS Holdings LLC is a domestic subsidiary of a international trust that is responsible for servicing and managing recurring revenue streams for assets that have been liquidated, licensed or part of joint venture agreements, all with a focus on intellectual property and technology.

JRS Holdings is run by a team of 15 qualified professionals, who each hold a master's degree or doctorate in quantum physics, nuclear engineering or actuary, with Mr. Spagnuolo serving as lead executive.

This team is commissioned to structure, build and architect complex intellectual property opportunities and present to Mr. Spagnuolo the highest and best use of each individual asset.

With offices in India and the U.S., JRS Holdings, LLC seeks out diverse opportunities, which are often times passed over by competing firms and then leverages its knowleddge, experience and expertise to take these under valued assets

Named after two childhood friends and originated by their families, Abe & Louie's represents the ultimate in classic American steakhouses, while still maintaining local charm and appeal. Our philosophy focuses on the finest quality food and service; this emphasis on quality is showcased in our decor and atmosphere. The Abe & Louie's commitment to quality is best represented in our signature prime steaks that are selected from the finest corn-fed, local and Midwestern beef. All the steaks served are aged 6 weeks on the bone to ensure the most flavorful and juicy steaks. Guests will marvel at our menu's emphasis on our fresh seafood and produce. The lump crab cake and swordfish chop are signature dishes, outstanding in their own right, in addition to the exclusive bone-in fillet mignon and other fine steaks and chops. Our high-quality cuisine is paired with an award-winning wine list featuring a selection of over 200 wines from the best regions in the world.

Since our Boston debut in 1998, and recently in Boca Raton, Abe & Louie's has received numerous awards and accolades including "Best Steakhouse," by Boston Magazine in 2004 & 2005, "Best Wine List," by Boston Magazine in 2005 and numerous awards by Wine Spectator including the "Grand Award" in 2005. Most recently, the Boca location received a "Best New Restaurant" award by Boca Magazine.

Merchant Services LTD offers best in class credit card processing and merchant account solutions. Merchant accounts are a mission-critical element of most successful businesses today, so we painstakingly tailor custom solutions to meet your business needs. We offer a variety of processing platforms both on and off shore, and proudly develop processing solutions for merchants of all industry classifications and sizes.

Merchant Services LTD prides itself on providing the highest level of customer service and support to our merchants. We are committed to providing our merchants with Concierge Processing, skillfully and respectfully handling everything a merchant might need, from the most mundane requests all the way to crafting sophisticated international solutions.

Merchant Services LTD develops long term relationships with both our merchants and our banking partners, allowing us to understand the payments eco-system as a whole and better foresee how changes in the landscape might affect our merchants. Founded by a professional race car driver, innovation and efficiency have always been our core competencies, ensuring that our merchants receive the highest quality, cutting edge solutions their businesses need.

Harrington & Danforth Consulting, LLC is an elite staffing and recruiting firm that exclusively serves the insurance industry. Harrington and Danforth works with all insurance organizations, whether it be carriers, agencies, brokers, wholesale brokers, MGAs, MGUs, TPAs, Program Administrators, BPO providers, Software providers or any other type of organization that touches the insurance industry. HDC works in all 50 states including Alaska & Hawaii and has the capabilities to perform select international insurance searches. While the majority of what we do is traditionally direct hire on a contingent basis, we also do retained searches, contract employee staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). HDC excels in recruiting on behalf of our clients, whether at the staff level to C-level executives nationally in a discreet and proprietary manner.

In addition HDC handles both mergers and acquisitions for all types and sizes of insurance firms and brokerages throughout the U.S. and specializes in companies that are out of trust.

With commitment to both our clients and our firm, Harrington & Danforth resolves to be the best at delivering talent and other professional solutions to the insurance industry. We will deliver high-quality, profitable services to our clients, while providing growth opportunities to both our clients and our employees.

As the birthchild of DentalPlans.com,

Our cancer and critical illness insurance policies are designed to financially protect you, your family and your assets in case of a serious illness. We offer affordable policies with a choice of benefits ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. And supplemental insurance policies pay in addition to any other insurance coverage you may already have. Why not be prepared? It's the smart thing to do.

It's Simple, Safe and Secure

We offer you an exclusive online platform to find a policy that fits your needs and budget. Our website provides you with free quotes from the nation's top-rated carriers, allowing you to compare them side-by-side and apply instantly. The process is 100% safe and secure - all states provide a "Free Look" period. If you are not satisfied with your coverage for any reason, simply return your policy within 10 to 30 days (varies by carrier) for a full refund of all premiums paid.

Supplemental Insurance that Protects and Pays

Our supplemental insurance policies are designed to pay you or your designee a lump sum cash payment after a first diagnosis of a covered illness. You can use the payment in any way - it doesn't need to be used for medical treatment. You'll receive the money you need, right when you need it most.

Are you a qualified to network with ultra high net-worth individuals, hedge fund managers, family offices and accredited investors?

Would you like to learn about the "secret" high-yielding hedge funds only a select few know about and benefit from?

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In the world of UV and sunless tanning, there is one company that stands tall over the competition, earning customer loyalty and glowing recommendations as it spreads across the nation. This company is the Boca Tanning Club.

From UV tanning to spray tanning, our exceptional customer service and top-of-the-line technology has led the Boca Tanning Club to be declared the number one tanning salon in all of Florida. And as our franchise continues to spread across the nation, consumers all over the United States will soon have access to an incredible tanning opportunity.